Birth of a Basement

New ideas are coming to my head today. Let execute them.


Most of the time when you are worried about something it is because you have not seen where it is going to go. But once you have seen where it is going to go. You can not be defeated. what it is

Production Packages

Due to sooooo many variables when it comes to the term production. It would be impossible to place a standard on this page that would fit an un-described need. If you require production the simplest thing is to call and explain your project

Broadcasting Rates

With any of our broadcast packages you can stream your program live on your site or share our network to boost your views. Our plug an play environment is equipped and ready to handle your DJ, your guests and more.   Audio Packages When your talking Audio your saying conventional radio. We are ready to…

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Recording Rates/Packages

Mixing So you recorded your project at home and you don’t have the best mixing environment or ears to get it sounding right. Let us handle the job for you and get your music ready to present to the masses. Mastering We already know its a whole new world to get your music right. For…

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